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 06.12.2008 ENNY in exclusive Streetwalk Talk / english

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BeitragThema: 06.12.2008 ENNY in exclusive Streetwalk Talk / english   So Dez 14, 2008 3:18 pm

Commander Benny, beautiful, that you look at the time we've taken. How are you?

Benny: I Can not complain! I look forward to the interview.

SW: Why do Commander?

Benny: Even when the Jets Benny + was the reference to the military and fly jets since ... and have always fascinated me. A fan of mine called me always commander Benny, so to say as commander of the squadron - the band. I liked the idea so much that I named my artists have done, and because I am under this "pet name" includes many familiar.

SW: At the beginning of the year you're together with your "jets" musically really durchgestartet. Your first single "I love everything about you (except your friend)" was published and made it so that even in the German single charts. What actually do you love to you?

Benny: My sarcasm. Unfortunately not everyone understands. But there is still something else.

SW: How was it for you, your video for the first time on VIVA to see and know that will now see a whole lot of people?

Benny: Somehow already a great feeling, but fortunately finds music not only on television, but live and in the studio - and this is still a great piece.

"For me, everything is much more acoustically
emotional than in full occupation, and
I also think that the audience feels. "

SW: What many may not know. 2004 Benny was still ben-jam-in and sung partly in English?

Benny: Even exclusively. With time, but I wanted to try something new, and I must say my German is very good. I will but for the next album also make English title 2-3. My singing in English has a very different expression ...

BennySW: Now in December, some acoustic gigs on the program. So only you and your guitar. What can audiences expect from you?

Benny: You can have my songs very genuine and intimate listen. Acoustically, the voice is much better for coverage, and for me everything is acoustically emotional than in full occupation, and I think that the audience feels.

SW: Was there a concert, what you especially in memory has remained?

Benny: The Halberg open. The crowd was just great, great atmosphere.

SW: Your first single is indeed a love of excluding Happy End. Actually, you should think the boy has so many female fans, why is he not forgive? Or there was always a "friend" you came in between?

Benny: Just as the song describes it, thank God only happened once ... I had in the past repeatedly times even a happy hands with women. When it again in the future so far is - no idea, unfortunately, women do not grow on trees. And flirting and yes, finally makes data also fun!

SW: Even with eleven years you had your first band. How did you come to music?

Benny: I simply felt that the music is my vocation ... that is why I was always surrounded with music ... in the Music in the Big Band at the high school, at home day and night, the electric guitar in the hands ... it is then easily developed.

SW: How long do you need a record contract fight and how did you finally managed it?

Benny: A fight was not. For smaller labels, I would be very early to come, but of course I wanted if possible to a major label, which can make a difference. When I've done it in the larger spot to be present, everything went very quickly. I was very happy when I had the deal. But record companies should be seen in modern times not overestimate. Plates are fewer and fewer sold, so they do not earn more times their names. And the selection of artists, and the promotion of today is often more than arbitrary.

SW: You also have their own small studio. If you suspect correctly that you are there for most of the day staying?

Benny: Mostly I'm more night in the studio, I think that's so few musicians. At the moment, but I just build around, and directed me a good room acoustics On. If this new government and reception area is finished, I will immediately with the recordings on the album begin. Then I will be daylight so quickly no longer behold. ;-)

SW: You're also with you at the Augsburg Music operate? What exactly are you doing there?

Benny: No, there I am not active. I know some people who are active there. But the music life is not my world ... only for the important bases ... everything beyond is for me personally as somehow "paint by numbers." Music by stencil. Ideas can have a non learn. Autonomous creativity and improvisation are in the music for me is more important than anything else. When I privately and to teach guitar, beware because I am also very best.

SW: If it were not sometimes the desire for their own children? ;-)

Benny: I want at all times cases have children! But I have no idea when done. I've still a little time ...

SW: The music business is harder than it is the most you can imagine. You've already done more than most others. Do you think you are in your 10 years of live music can?
Bemmy "My life is always
Music to do. I believe that
I can live with them long term. "

Benny: That I go out. Whether I stand on the stage, writing songs for others, or whether I produce, my life will always be with music to do. I believe that I can live with them long term.

SW: a precaution after you have your Abi study began. What you are studying and how far are you?

Benny: I have 2 semesters and Assyriological studied Egyptology, but the study because of the load with the music stopped. It was for me anyway studies with no prospect, but one of pure interest. And yes, I have read still.

SW: And? Are there aliens? ;-)

Benny: So, in my view, there is intelligent extraterrestrial life have made statistical considerations ... According to estimates there in the universe 35 times as many stars as grains of sand on all beaches in the world. If ET times over from scratch, I would like him to shake hands.

SW: Could you imagine something in this field professionally and to whom?

Benny: No, so the interest in ancient high cultures should remain just a hobby. It would make me rich already known archaeological sites in the real world once to see.

SW: How important do you think is the personal contact with the fans for the success?

Benny: That is crucial. Fans are the ones that the music ever listen to the concerts, and buy the CDs. You have earned it, that it is so good it is, deal with them. Moreover, personal contact with the fans very much fun, even if it is of course a lot of work - and often difficult to manage. But I give my best!

BennySW: As part of the first single release has been much written about you and reports. There has been a reporting, you did not like?

Benny: Fortunately not often, but I think when you're in the mass media takes place, then it is quite normal that one or the other issue, or not reporting fit. I try to me about these things but not the head to break.

SW: The video also tells a story where you'll also
as an actor were asked. Could you imagine the play to deepen?

Benny: The video shoot was for me a really cool new experience. Now and then I would certainly be fun ... but regularly to act would be nothing for me - I'm just musicians with skin and hair.

SW: 2003, you have the casting of "Germany sucht den Superstar" and have participated also survived several rounds before you're left voluntarily. Even before you were allowed Dieter Bohlen sing, and how was his criticism?

Benny: Yes, I've also sung before Bohlen. He gave me talent, certify and the other jurors has fallen! Bohlen Strangely, however, was more interested in the fact that I produced myself, and songs themselves do. It has been noted to him that he is not fit.
SW: Like you, Max has also Buskohl the emergency brake when DSDS withdrawn because his music and the DSDS not really fit together, and has voluntarily left. Too late? Or you ärgerst in retrospect, the format that you do not even have longer used to a larger audience to be?

Benny: No, I am annoyed at all. I knew beforehand that I was not the long term, in conjunction with this format will be placed. I'm mainly gone to an internal insight to get. My prejudices have sadly confirmed. These castings restrict a totally a - I had no guitar pick (other Strangely already), was rightly rejected this because I Olle star marker on the ground have come, and the songs that I wanted to audition, has rejected planks before I ever got started. I think that is quite clear who they want. And then these are mostly those who are ready to play unconditionally, and von Bohlen and other external people who can write songs. For performers, it is perhaps a good opportunity - for musicians certainly not.

SW: Many fans are waiting for your first album. Already an idea of when it might be ready?

Benny: I will in February publish the single, and in April / May the album!

SW: In England there is a new union, which for more rights, more control over their own songs and publications to use. Some 60 artists will be there already members, including stars like Robbie Williams, The Verve, Craig David or David Gilmour. Is it a union your opinion in Germany also possible and would you happen there?

Benny: Ironically, all artists have a horrendous got advance! And if these artists more control over their publications, then yes, they could easily establish their own label. In general, but I'm also in favor of the rights to songs so good it goes to the artist - of course, especially if these are also the songs written and composed. An artist must have the realization of a face with his artistic achievements and his published songs free to choose.

SW: Quite different theme: You have you on both arms mythological symbols tattoo. Do not worry, we ask you now, not even after the importance, but want to ensure a fan forward, the fear is that one day you might look like Benny Madden of Good Charlotte. So are more tattoos do you have planned or even which of which only nobody knows? ;-)

Benny: No, so the tattoos I have to be something significant, have unique - I will probably no longer leave. No more than the existing supplement. But at a certain point one begins as I also find his body to deface, and that I will not.

SW: Keyword Good Charlotte. What music do you listen to because privately happy and who are your musical role models? With whom would you like to get together some time on the stage?

Benny: I hear all kinds of happy, well-produced, hand-made music, best served with guitars. Also happy with his souligen touch. Gavin DeGraw, for example. Amos Lee is also the vocal madness. On the stage, I would be happy times with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) abrocken, simply because with him a wealth of rock n 'roll energy is expressed.

SW: Keeps you still sporty fit with football or what you're doing in order to stay in shape?

Benny: Lately I train primarily on Punching bag, and doing fitness training.

SW: You were still with your football club champion in the Kreisliga. That small clubs play that big arena, we can see currently in the Bundesliga. How much did you because in this season with Bayern suffered and what do you by Jürgen Klinsmann as a club coach?

Benny: I must say - my suffering has been kept within limits, as the FC Bayern this season looked bad start. Jürgen Klinsmann brings in any case, a fresh wind into the team, and I like his offensive orientation. I only hope that he and his constant changes and not Renew Bavarian substance ... never threatened change a winning team.

SW: Christmas and New Year is just around the corner? How will you celebrate Christmas?

Benny: So I traditionally spend Christmas with my family always.

SW: And New Year's Eve?

Benny: I will be with buddies still fly London!

SW: Do you have intentions for 2009 or is there something in the new year you absolutely want to create?

Benny: It should simply continue as before, and even a little bit more. ;-) I am glad I have it completely self-produced and released album in my hands to keep!

SW: The most popular question in our series SWtalk we also want you to renounce course not. It's about your experiences peinlichsten, privately and professionally ... and please no excuses ;-)

Benny: Private: For a karate test, the 12-times I have made before me is the whole people's karate pants slipped down ... that was an embarrassing moment incomprehensible. Professionally, I was the first time with two people from the label eat, and they have to get a plate of ice cream ordered. Quite instinctively I took the plate to me and made aufgegessen simply because it looked so delicious. Awkward moment as the two anstarrten me while I just plastered the last spoon.

SW: Now there are 5 more for you and you say words us what you spontaneously to mind. Barack Obama is the first term ...

Benny: Obvious, competent personality, is certainly good for the United States. Has given me but partially left approaches.

SW: Rock am Ring

Benny: Festivals are always cool ... but Rock am Ring for me is no longer what it was!

SW: Your first guitar?

Benny + The JetsBenny: As an 8-year-old, I had no ordinary classical guitar concert. My first real desire-(E-) guitar was a blue Fender Stratocaster ...

SW: Your first car?

Benny: That was a black Opel Astra with chromed dual exhaust pipe ;-)

SW: Your first time?

Benny: Was nothing special. Rather the category: "repressed". ;-)

SW: At the conclusion yet our "what and why?" Questions: PC or Mac?

Benny: Both! Mac to work / Produce - mostly for private things the PC.

SW: day or night?

Benny: creative and powerful I am clearly in the night! And I love the stars.

SW: Showers: Morning or evening?

Benny morning ... it feels easy fit for the day ...

SW: Celebrations: private or disco?

Benny: Disco ... I've Bock is no clean up afterwards ...

SW: And finally: sauna landscape or spa?

Benny: fun ... not that I do not even now and can relax, but in general I have so much excess energy ... which can be fun simply better in reducing

SW: Thank you, Benny. You and your family a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2009. I am sure we will still hear a lot about you.

Benny: I wish you and your loved ones also wonderful Christmas and the very best for 2009! Thanks for the interesting interview!
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06.12.2008 ENNY in exclusive Streetwalk Talk / english
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